church planting in lithuania


Journey Church Vilnius

making it easy to find and experience God

Why Vilnius you ask?

  • some of the lowest rates of faith in the world can be found among the youth of the Baltic nations

  • there is a wake of hopelessness, substance abuse, and record setting rates of HIV/AIDS

  • Lithuania has the highest suicide rate in all of Europe and is ranked 8th in the world (read more here)

  • Vilnius hosts the oldest and largest university in Lithuania and is the epicenter for the nation

  • the Evangelical Christian population is just under 1%

  • though 77% of the population identifies themselves as Catholic, the majority of people do not practice and have no faith in God


The Dream

a church planting movement that creates life and joy in the midst of hopelessness, that reproduces itself by establishing new, life-giving churches that engage with their communities and dream and achieve the impossible for God!


Lithuania is part of Eurasia Northwest, where we work to Finish the Task of planting the church where it is not.